Steps of the bare makeup for women love beautiful

Bare makeup, is popular cosmetic hands Korea in recent years. The nude makeup simple operation, and for various occasions, especially by the large influx of women who love. For makeup rookie just getting started, nude makeup is a super the makeup techniques easy to grasp. What? Your not? Waiting for what, and quickly learn it.

1. Painted with oil control effect in the first position in the T-zone skin care products. This site is easy to oil coated with oil control lotion makeup to keep longer. Smear on the entire face evenly refreshing type Dishuang. The nude makeup feature is refreshing and transparent, so the up base must not be too thick.

2. Think the T-zone or nose position was a bit large pores MM can make use concealer to cover the Also, pay attention to the coated uniform, transparent, some redness on the face or long places of acne, you can also rely on concealer to hide out. There is a common problem, big eyes MM prone to eye bags. So we can site points printed on the bags under the eyes, concealer, thin layer can.

3. Ring finger this layer of concealer gently pushed out evenly, until the cover up live up to the bags under the eyes traces, fitted with clean water the spray wets Powder Foundation puff, the amount can not puff get too wet. so as not to undermine the quality of cosmetics, then puff stained with the appropriate amount of powder, marked with a thin layer of makeup base first part of the bridge of the nose.

4. Outward along both sides of the cheeks, the same attention to be thin, naturally, last in the forehead at along both sides pushed downward push uniform and you're done.

1 smear concealer, preferably on the back of the hand now smudged concealer, then picks up the appropriate component of the smear. So you do not all of a sudden the amount of excessive masking effect unnatural.

2 Apply Powder Foundation, you can spray with mineral water a spray, then towel gently and India go drops makeup more Futie. But do not vigorously wiped the cheek, and thus undermine the makeup, oh.  If the acne is very red, first coated with a thin layer of acne cream, when it is slightly absorbed, gently cover Suifen to puff. This Concealer better.

Makeup tips of single fold eyes for women

Single fold eyes are always two glazed look, even if you are on the mascara, or some uncoordinated. So have a nice pair of double eyelid big eyes, became the dream of many women. In fact, as long as you know how some make-up techniques and skills, they can make single eyelids eyes become beautiful and charming, is not inferior to double-fold. Here is the single fold of makeup tips, so that a single fold you also have the power to eyes.

STEP 1: We know that single eyelids make people's eyes is significantly small lies in folds of skin around the eyes, which allowed the monotonous atheism. So here we can play with a light colored eye shadow light so that we can emphasize eyebrows below to the lower-lying areas between the eyes.

STEP 2: If you are a single fold girls beauty, then you painting Eyes often encounter this problem, is to look after opened his eyes closed marked eye shadow, eye shadow part invisible, so you have to play a wide range of eye shadow. In fact, here we can try wide open eyes of eye shadow, brown eye shadow primer, bold eyes above can be slightly mainly play a role highlighted line at the outer corner of the eye not to draw too long.

STEP 3: Next is marked at the bottom of the eye pink eye shadow, you can slightly expand point range. Why pink eye shadow? In fact, it is the eyes look more plump and soft sense. But if you are a pink eye shadow on the eyelid then make eyes look a little puffy, oh.

STEP 4: Now when the lash line to try paint fine point, and brown eye shadow, eyeliner corner office not too long. But allows the eyes look more rounded.

STEP 5: On the contrary, the eye eyeliner you have as much as possible to draw to an end, so that we can let the eye was more a great God. When you draw here recommended the mirror placed in the vicinity of the temple, and then eyes try to squint, can be relatively easy draw to the corner of the end.

STEP 6: Then in the bottom of the eye's mucous membranes with white eyeliner to draw the upper and lower eyeliner, it can play to increase the effect of the whites of the eyes. As for the range of drawing a line, probably from the outer corner of the eye to the eyes.

STEP 7: Now to the most critical eye makeup step paste false eyelashes, and that is to the eyes, to increasing single fold-eye three-dimensional. Be sure to wear with your fingers slightly upwards Lane Alice it, paste false eyelashes here is not detailed, you can refer to the content we've introduced. In addition, the lower lashes with your personal preferences, the paste does not paste all OK.

STEP 8: The final step is to give the mascara brush mascara, so genuine and fake eyelashes better together, so like single fold eyes can become very useful to God.

About the world famous cosmetics brand's secret

 France Dior (Dior): DIOR (also known as a CD), the full name of CHRISTIAN DIOR. Launched perfume MISS DIOR DIOR brand started doing haute couture for the first time since 1947, is now fully enter the field of beauty. Classic and noble DIOR synonymous., DIOR is one of the representatives of stylish and innovative. The treasure of the town sign: the Blue Gold lipstick - DIOR iconic lipstick, rich, soft, pure color, to achieve incredible balance between comfortable and durable. Also the countless women handbag essential boon. 5 color eyeshadow - DIOR each season will launch a variety of dazzling new makeup, but this eye shadow since 1987, continues to this day, is still a favorite of many makeup artists and women.

France Chanel (Chanel): the CHANEL brand to cross the two C brand identity, and also started haute couture. The largest in the field of beauty become perfume. Town treasure card: NO.5 perfume - the achievements of the period of perfume myths perfumes, has become the favorite of the world countless woman's dressing table. It particularly elegant and romantic style, the expression of the delicate feelings of the women's heart every minute, sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe's phrase "I only wear the NO.5 sleep," the famous, but also this Perfume name down for centuries.
U.S. Clinique (Clinique): CLINIQUE is the name and brand concept comes from the French: Medical clinics. ESTEE LAUDER Group's other heavyweight brands. Low allergy, fragrance free, non-stimulating care concept famous. CLINIQUE sales of the first high-end cosmetic brands in the United States, the United Kingdom. Town treasure card: Skin Trilogy - CLINIQUE since the beginning of the creation of the brand in 1968 on the launch of the trilogy concept, advocated simply beauty philosophy is still adhering to the "Soap lotion effects moisturizer combination. Then any skin care products can get in 1,2,3 step three products outside a multiplier effect for the skin to provide the most convenient, safe and effective care.

France Biotherm (Biotherm): Biotherm excellence to protect the skin from the essence extracted from the hot springs PETP (spa organic active factor), rich in trace elements, minerals and protein composition, mild principled skin, to reach a balanced state . French scientists discovered hot springs of the study of the body's convalescence efficacy. In order to find the best source of the extract, the scientists at the involvement France Mountains depths, and finally extracted to a large number of biotechnology PETP factor to 20 years of hard work, and successfully developed a skin care products suitable for daily use of the skin, which is what we a full range of of BIOTHERM care today. Town treasure card: Tucked points dew - the the Biotherm first conquer the world Zhendian ace. Each bottle contains the equivalent of 5,000 liters of spring water contains a wealth of PETP, just the size of a pea, you can make the skin full of water, the most perfect state.

HR (Helena): brand name from the brand was founded by Ms. HELENA RUBINSTEIN. She is also the founder of the world's first a beauty salon. The HR products "pursuit of perfection," said, since the acquisition by L'Oreal Group, the Group Technology Pioneers class anti-wrinkle repair series products developed for long. Town treasure card: extreme beauty of collagen series, Vitamin C Essence Series - skin aid station, "said anti-wrinkle and repair products for all skin problems caused by aging improvement by countless no longer young, but still the pursuit of the perfect skin women pursue careers.


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